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It's an Athens Georgia Thing!
Athens Georgia Restaurants spice the life experiences of the Classic City denizens and fill visitors with scrumptious memories.  Where else can you savor the fine dining of a world-class chef, sample an eclectic buffet of specialty restaurants, and satisfy a lumberjack's hunger with a simple and hardy plate of mom and pop home cooking?  Where else can you drive to a choice of over 300 restaurants within twenty-five minutes of each other?  Athens Georgia is a culinary banquet tantalizing the pallet and warms the diner's soul.

Salt and Pepper the Senses
With the muscle of a metropolis and the heart of a small town, Athens Georgia has something for everyone.  Big chains dot the landscape.  Local diners sit nestled in the quiet corners of most shopping centers.  But through the splendid variety of cuisine and atmosphere, a unifying taste of style wisps in like the smell of fresh baked bread just pulled from the oven. 

More than a Place to Eat
If you look around any restaurant, any diner, any coffee shop, you'll notice more going on in the Athens eateries than eating.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a time for people to gather and meet.  Friends catch up on their weekly events.  Dealmakers serve their proposals to colleagues at the makeshift and casual boardroom tables.  That student immersed in her stack of books in the booth beside you might one day be the medical researcher who discovers the cure of cancer.  Athens Georgia Restaurants provide a place for the homemakers to regroup and socialize as their children develop social skills while interacting with all the other kids on the playground equipment.

If you live here, you love it.  If you're visiting, you're wishing you did so more often.  Athens Georgia is the best place in the world to live and visit.  Once you have a seat and sample the variety of restaurants in athens ga found in this guide, you'll probably agree.  Athens Georgia is a great place to eat. 

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