Gnats Landing

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Telephone: 706-850-5858

Monday-Sunday 11:30 am - 10 pm

Address: 1080 Baxter Street, Athens, GA, 30606

Food Categories: Bar and Grill  Seafood  Home Cooking  Crab House  Southern Style  

Description: Beach Casual Bar & Grill featuring fresh seafood and homemade, southern favorites.

  • Typical Cost :  $12 - $20
  • Smoking :  Outside Only
  • Payment Accepted :  Mastercard
  • Payment Accepted :  American Express
  • Payment Accepted :  Discover
  • Payment Accepted :  Visa
  • Parking Difficulty :  Easy
  • Parking :  Free Valet
  • Orderby :  Waiter Only
  • Food Categories :  Southern Style
  • Food Categories :  Crab House
  • Food Categories :  Bar and Grill
  • Food Categories :  Home Cooking
  • Food Categories :  Seafood
  • Features :  Large Tables
  • Features :  Kids Menu
  • Features :  Outdoor Dining
  • Features :  Live Music
  • Features :  Parties
  • Features :  Special Events
  • Features :  Phone Orders
  • Features :  Private Dining Room
  • Features :  Wireless Internet
  • Features :  Veggie Friendly
  • Features :  TV Screen
  • Features :  Holiday Parties
  • Features :  Banquets
  • Features :  Birthday Parties
  • Features :  Catering
  • Features :  Child Friendly
  • Features :  Entertainment
  • Features :  Fax Orders
  • Features :  Gift Cards
  • Features :  Gift Certificates
  • Environment :  Restaurant
  • Class :  Casual
  • Building :  Standalone
  • Alcohol :  Wine
  • Alcohol :  Liquor
  • Alcohol :  Beer
Text Version:
Menu includes specialty home-cooked items. On occassion this restaurant hosts special events. Check with management for details. Menu includes southern style cooked food like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, etc. Private dining rooms available for corporate or group dinners. American Express credit cards accepted. Visa credit cards accepted. Has Vegetarian plates and foods on the menu. Parking is easy. Some dinner tables are located outdoors with scenic views and complimentary fresh air. Entertainment provided with dinner. Mastercard credit cards accepted. This is the only business inside the facility. Wine is available to adults 21 years of age. Host your party here. Once seated, orders are received by way of your waiter or waitress. Various liquors and mixed drinks are available to adults 21 years of age. Host your corporate or organization banquet here. Pre-order your food before pickup or arrival by calling the telephone number. Discover credit cards accepted. Wireless Internet available for your laptop. Beer is available to adults 21 years of age. Fax your orders in for quick pickup when you arrive. Hosts large parties with extra roomy tables. A place where meals are served to the public. Host your childs birthday party here. Provides catering to parties and events. Dinners are typically from $12 to $20. Smoking is allowed at outdoor tables and seating. Has TV screens for sports, news, and other programming. Lower priced kids menus give children the simple dinner selections they crave. Provides live music on occassion. Host your holiday party here. Menu includes seafood. Suited for everyday wear or use; informal. Gift Certificates available upon request. Free valet available to guests. Gift Cards available upon request. Provides play equipment or services which makes it friendly for children.

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